The classic consists of a fragrant foot bath, strokes and rubs on arms, legs and feet, as well as relaxation of the neck muscles. After a detailed skin diagnosis and deep cleansing, we treat you with face masks and packs, which are tailored to your skin type. This is completed with a facial massage.

  • Soothing warming sage foot bath
  • Strokes and rubs of the arms, legs and feet
  • Deep cleansing with cleansing mask
  • Herbal steaming
  • Removal of skin impurities
  • Brow correction
  • Lymphatic stimulation with soft brushes
  • Active ingredient ampoule
  • Compress
  • Eye compresses, neck compresses
  • Neck and décolleté massage
  • Day care
  • ca. 115 min

Price: 105,- €

The classic indulgent treatment - important info

The classic indulgent treatment begins with a fragrant foot bath. Through gentle strokes on the feet, rubs on the arms and feet, and mindful relaxation of the neck muscles, you can arrive in the here and now and let go of the worries of everyday life. Scented hot compresses with lavender water help.

After a detailed skin diagnosis and deep cleansing, the body is wrapped with the finest natural cosmetic products, tailored to your skin condition. The heart of the treatment? Lymphatic stimulation is performed with fine brushes and gentle hand movements. It stimulates the fluid processes in the tissues and promotes human regeneration. It decongests and purifies. The most precious face masks and packs give the skin back what it needs right now. A classic indulgent treatment leads to deep relaxation and leaves you with a feeling of being flowed through, lightness and inner balance.

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