Fasting cures & active vacation

Fasting hotel in Bavaria

You want to fast and combine this with a comfortable vacation with wellness treatments, hikes and a rich leisure offer? In our fasting hotel in the Bavarian Forest you are in good hands. In addition to separate fasting area, sauna, swimming pool and other benefits in the hotel, the Bavarian Forest offers you unspoiled nature, tranquility and clean air.

Here at the fasting hotel Ödhof you can choose the right fasting method for you. Whether therapeutic fasting, alkaline fasting or soup fasting our years of experience in fasting care will benefit you and your needs. So you can fully concentrate on yourself and your cure during your fasting vacation and feel noticeably better.

Professional support

Fasting vacation at the Ödhof

If you want to try fasting, then of course a vacation or time off is ideal for this. Here you will find individual freedom, support, motivation and exchange with like-minded people, which can make the fasting period much easier. Our hotel is especially predestined for a fasting vacation. We offer you a large separate fasting area, as well as qualified staff: alternative practitioners, nutritionists and fasting guides, who will look after you during your fasting stay in our house. In addition, we offer special treatments, such as colon hydrotherapy, which are specifically designed for fasting.

Fasting offers the best opportunity to make a break with everyday routines that are often already automated, and in this time out to gain the chance for a new way of eating and a new quality of life. Our fasting arrangements combine fasting cure and leisure offer and are optimal if you plan a fasting week.

Detox & Purify

Our fasting cures

Every fast and every fasting vacation is characterized by abstinence. When fasting, it is quite normal, wanted and also useful to feel a little restriction and also a little hunger. This is an integral part of any fasting cure. In order to respond to your fasting wishes as individually as possible, we offer different fasting methods at Hotel Ödhof.

Compiled for you

Our fasting arrangements

To make the planning of your fasting cure as easy as possible, we have put together various fasting arrangements from our offer. During your fasting week you can expect various activities, hikes and treatments, depending on the package.