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Fasting hikes in the Bavarian Forest

The fasting hotel Ödhof is located in Böbrach, near the climatic health resort of Bodenmais. Situated in the middle of the Bavarian Forest, with fantastic views of the Regental valley with the Black Rain or the surrounding mountains, the landscape surrounding our fasting hotel sets the mood for fasting hikes.

Fasting hikes offer you a gentle way to detox physically and mentally. While you give your body the opportunity to cleanse itself and return to its healthy origins, you can let your mind wander. Take a break from the hectic pace of modern life.

Fasting lessons

What is fasting hiking?

Fasting hikes supplement a fasting cure with plenty of exercise in the fresh air. In particular, running in nature and the increased intake of oxygen further support fasting and enhance the effect. By abstaining from food and daily exercise, the body can detoxify more quickly and release new energy. Hiking also helps you to focus more on yourself and thus cleanse your mind. The beautiful landscape of the Bavarian Forest around the Hotel Ödhof is the perfect place for fasting hikes.

Fastenwandern im Bayerischen Wald.

The Bavarian Forest – a hiking paradise in a class of its own

The Bavarian Forest National Park around Bodenmais

The Bavarian Forest is the leading recreational area for hikers in the whole of Germany. This is why it is also known as the “green roof of Europe”. The landscape is unspoiled and pristine and you can rediscover the pure fascination of nature here.

Bodenmais, surrounded by this unique natural jewel, is called the “Pearl of the Bavarian Forest” for good reason. A hiking vacation near this location allows you to experience untouched nature with all your senses. The exceptional quality development in tourism earned Bodenmais the HolidayCheck Destination Award of the Year 2012 and thus the title of “Germany’s most hospitable and popular vacation resort”. The leading tourist municipality is characterized by its healthy low mountain range climate, which is rich in forests all around, and has been awarded the “Heilklimatischer Kurort” seal of approval.

Fasting hikes in the Bavarian Forest

The climate of the Bavarian Forest National Park is so conducive to physical recovery that the region is synonymous with regeneration. Would you like to become more physically active again? Then you’ve come to the right place, because fasting hikes in this hospitable Bavarian Forest region stand for nature experiences of a special kind. The wonderful aroma of the surrounding forest delights young and old alike. The primeval forest allows you to experience unique moments and offers countless picturesque hiking routes for all tastes and stamina levels.

Our guided hikes will take you through romantic forests with picture-book idylls, through colorful meadows and ravines, past babbling waterfalls or enchanting forest streams. Here you will get your money’s worth and can admire the uniqueness of the region. There are numerous hiking trails with flat paths that lead through open terrain. The area also offers panoramic high-altitude trails and magnificent views over the entire area from the 8,000-meter peaks.

Do you need advice on fasting hiking?

The professional fasting team at Hotel Ödhof will be happy to provide you with detailed information about the fasting cure at our hotel and advise you on the duration, program and much more. Call us at:

+49 (0) 9923 8413-0

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Fasting and enjoying nature

Our fasting hiking arrangements

The fasting offers of the Hotel Ödhof include a rich program of guided hikes in the region, which accompany the Buchinger therapeutic fasting hikes or alternatively the alkaline fasting. This makes fasting hiking with us a very special kind of vacation.

Fastenwandern-Arrangement im Bayerischen Wald.


Fasting hiking

A week of fasting hikes with guided hikes through nature and accompanied by our professional fasting team.


Fasting hiking and yoga

A week of fasting hikes and daily yoga sessions are accompanied by our professional fasting team.

Fasting and hiking – an enjoyable combination

What happens during fasting

Of course, you are now rightly wondering what happens in the body during the fasting cure and how it is still possible to be physically active. But contrary to all expectations, hiking is an ideal companion during a fasting week.

Although the stores are empty, exercise is actually very important during this time in order to achieve the greatest possible positive effect. Gentle physical activity boosts the metabolism and blood circulation. This increases breathing and allows more oxygen to reach the brain and cells. In turn, cell toxins and metabolic waste products can be transported to their destination in the liver, kidneys, skin or lungs for excretion. This ensures that there is no or only a medically negligible reduction in important muscle mass.

Walking towards the goal while fasting with fun

Once the completely natural slight discomfort of the first few days has been overcome and the body has adjusted to the new lifestyle, nothing stands in the way of gentle exercise. Fasting walks are particularly beneficial in this context, as the type of movement is slow, leisurely and completely stress-free and involves nothing more than the natural process of walking. Hiking is coming back into fashion, as it is an ideal alternative to sports that overexert the body.

The contemplative nature of hiking, enjoying the surroundings and being able to take in all their beautiful aspects in peace, is particularly attractive as a balance in an age of sensory overload and speed. Hiking allows you to bring your body and soul back into harmony – that’s what fasting is all about. Fasting hikes are the ideal combination for a holistic deceleration.

Spending time in the fresh air provides the body with additional oxygen and fresh energy. The self-determined speed in the corridor, which you can adjust according to your individual needs, ensures that the body is not unnecessarily stressed. Hiking while fasting does not mean having to achieve top athletic performance, but is intended to cheer you up and be a further incentive to successfully complete the fasting period. Because with feelings of happiness and more positivism, the path to achieving a goal is much more fun. At the same time, the effects of a fasting week are quickly noticeable and visible with regular exercise.


Fasting hikes & yoga

A week of fasting hikes combined with daily yoga sessions and accompanied by our professional team.

Finding the way to yourself

Fasting is also always about finding yourself and cleansing your mind. Because here, too, all kinds of thoughts and feelings accumulate in stressful everyday life that weigh you down. The intensive hiking tours in nature are a great way to shed inner ballast. If you want to go even deeper, you can supplement your stay with us with regular yoga sessions, which also give you the opportunity to take a look inside your soul and come back to yourself.

At the Hotel Ödhof, free yourself from what weighs down your body and mind, cleanse yourself deeply and find new energy and motivation.

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Our fasting arrangements

With us in the fasting hotel Ödhof in the Bavarian Forest you have the opportunity to experience and enjoy the therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger / Lützner with the expert supervision of our health experts. The beautiful idyllic location of our hotel, as well as the exchange with other fasting people will facilitate the “time of pause” and make your fasting vacation an unforgettable experience.