A basic cleansing of the skin with facial steam bath, deep cleansing and cleansing mask is followed by deep relaxation and a feeling of lightness and inner balance. The skin is indulged with nourishing cosmetics during foot rubs, décolleté massages and face packs.

  • Rhythmic stroking out of the head
  • Herbal steaming
  • Removal of skin impurities
  • Brow correction
  • Lymphatic stimulation with soft brushes
  • Compress
  • Eye compresses
  • Neck & décolleté massage
  • Day care
  • ca. 70 min

Price: 75,- €

The relaxation treatment - important info

The relaxing treatment combines harmonizing aspects of the Classic indulgent Treatment with the clarifying effect of the Cleansing Treatment. First we do a classic cleansing treatment, which is then followed by the centerpiece of the Classic indulgent treatment - lymphatic stimulation. A feeling of relaxation and harmony sets in.

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Our wellness arrangements



from 890 € per person

  • 5 nights in a double room
  • Relaxation treatment
  • 4-course dinner menu