• Deep relaxation
  • Increases vitality and performance
  • Harmonizes the doshas
  • ca. 75 min

Price: 135,- €

The Shirodhara - important info

Ayurvedic forehead casting Shirodhara is a very soothing relaxing traditional oil application. With the help of a warm, even stream of oil passed over the forehead, a deep state of relaxation is achieved. The Shirodhara is performed lying down. To prepare for this, the forehead casting, which lasts about 20 minutes, is combined with a relaxing massage.

For the forehead casting you should take significantly more time than just the estimated treatment time. Because when you engage in this treatment, it has an after effect and you should allow yourself some more time to rest. But then you are rewarded with a calming and invigoration of the senses and spirit. In the process, a pleasant sense of well-being, inner peace and deep relaxation sets in.

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