Bioelectrical impedance analysis, which is also known as BIA measurement, is a measurement method for assessing the state of health. A breakdown into fat, body cell mass (BCM) and extracellular mass (ECM) can assess the nutritional status of the body (good vs. deficient) and also water balance (overhydration vs. dehydration).

  • BCM is the sum of all metabolically active cells, such as muscles, internal organs and central nervous system. Maintaining BCM is the central task of dietary changes for weight loss.
  • The ECM is the skeleton, connective tissue and intercellular space.

Fasting special: 69,- €

BIA measurement at the beginning and end of fasting, evaluations and tips

Initial analysis (ca. 30 min): 49,- €

BIA measurement, evaluation of the measurement results with regard to the distribution of body water, fat and lean mass, graphical evaluation, actual basal metabolic rate, analysis of the nutritional status and tips for adjustment.

Follow-up measurement (ca. 20 min): 29,- €

BIA measurement, evaluation of measurement results and trends, graphical evaluation and trend, current basal metabolic rate of metabolically active cells, brief analysis of nutritional status, tips for adaptation

Lose weight and keep it off with success!

Why is weighing not enough?

Your weight doesn't say much about your health. BMI (Body Mass Index) is also useless if a lean, muscular person with a BMI of 30 is classified as overweight. Only a body composition measurement, such as BIA, can provide information about the health of the body.

What can the BIA measurement do?

When analyzing the BIA measurements, you will find out the current ratio of muscle, fat and water in your body. Having as much muscle as possible helps with weight loss because muscle burns the most calories in our bodies. On the other hand, muscle is easier for the body to break down than fat. If the body is malnourished, it attacks the fat tissue, but also the muscles. As a result, less muscle leads to less calorie consumption and a return to weight gain on a normal diet after dieting.

Therefore, it is important to complement the healthy diet with an optimal exercise program, e.g. our Flexifasting program.

Who should be measured?

It is beneficial for everyone to know their body composition. The BIA allows a statement about whether the body is supplied with all important nutrients. For someone who wants to lose weight in a healthy way, BIA measurement is a useful addition to dietary changes. It helps to avoid the yo-yo effect, as individual changes can be checked for their effectiveness.

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